In just a few steps on the gulf or the beach from Fourteen, Kalatua offers you an intoxicating culinary experience and more generally a moment of escape of which only Mullet Bay beach has the secret.

a unique experience

The restaurant offers you careful Mediterranean cuisine in a sumptuous setting in harmony with nature.

Gil Dumoulin’s menu pays homage to Mediterranean cuisine, capturing its authenticity, rich flavors, and cultural essence. From iconic grills to tantalizing marinades, the menu seamlessly blends traditional tastes with a touch of exotic freshness—a culinary journey inspired by the Chef’s globetrotting adventures, offering a fusion of reimagined classics and boldly innovative dishes.

beach club


The wooden architecture was designed to minimize the ecological footprint and fit into a preserved setting of palm trees, sea grapes and other emblematic plants of the Antilles.


With around 140 seats, Kalatua is a restaurant on a human scale where the art of hosting is a golden rule but there are also numerous distractions to punctuate your day: clothing boutique, cocktail bar, deckchairs and nautical club.

an unforgettable day

The idea of contemplating an unforgettable sunset with your feet in the sand will convince you to enjoy the deckchairs and cocktails until the last light of day.

To complete this relaxing day, a shuttle is available to drop you off at your nearby vehicle.